Thursday, 15 June 2017

Wish I'd Been a Teen, Teen Idle

Slip dress: H&M Conscious | Boots: Zara

Okay, I admit it. This outfit is a little bit basic and maybe a little bit unoriginal considering how I rambled on about originality and personal style in a blog post a couple of months ago. In all honesty, though, ya gurl has been feeling very uninspired and creatively burnt-out. I feel like I have nothing to wear and when I go shopping for new clothes, I simply can't find anything that pleases my taste. That's why I went for a save choice today; a '90s classic. The slip dress is a piece every girl has worn at some point this decade. It's simple yet so sophisticated. Perfect day-to-night dress, just throw on a pair of heels and you're good to go. So many ways to style the slip dress. Personally, I like to wear it with an oversized jacket (like a biker jacket, bomber jacket or tailored coat) and a pair of mens shoes to dress it down and to fit my personal style. Today I chose to go for a casual and edgy vibe with a choker and silver boots. In this heat, wearing a pair of tights was a huge mistake though.

What do you do when you feel like you have nothing to wear?

Friday, 9 June 2017

Paying Homage to Azzedine Alaïa

Hat: Vintage | Top: Zara | Shoes: Sonia Rykiel (vintage)

More specifically paying homage to the Alaïa Fall 1991 Ready-to-Wear collection where leopard and berets were dominating the runway show. I'm very much in love with collection in particular as it embodies a lot of the high fashion elements, that I really love, from the early '90s.

How would you rock leopard print?

New In: Silver Jewellery

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I'm a simple girl when it comes to jewellery. I pretty much wear the same silver pieces every day; the same pieces that I've had for years. I wanted to treat myself into some new rings since I rarely ever buy myself anything nice. So I went to a local jewellery store the other day and bought myself two new rings. One is in sterling silver (I think) with an amethyst stone. It's a very classic ring which has been in the picture for yeeeaaaars. The other one is an oxidized silver ring with what I assume are faux diamonds. I think it matches my other oxidized rings, I have from the Danish brand Line&Jo, perfectly.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Why I Still Love & Swear By Fashion Magazines

In a world where everything is becoming so digital, there are a few things that doesn't change over the years for me. One of them is my crazy love for drag queens, but that's not what I'm here to talk about today, the other thing is my love for the fashion magazine in its printed form. That feeling of going home making yourself a cup of coffee and reading a brand new fashion magazine is one of the best things ever. It's like that ecstatic rush that goes though your body when you enter a bookstore and you're hit with the smell of printed paper. Or like the happiness you feel when you're eating pizza on a friday right before a three-day weekend.
Physical magazines also remind me of childhood; like when I would come home from school, go straight to my room, play a CD on my portable MP3 player and sit on my bed and whilst flipping through the pages of a W.I.T.C.H. magazine. Ohhh, the memories. Back then, there was no fashion blogs or Instagram models. Back then, the only way to keep updated on the fashion world was through fashion magazines.

I might be biased here and maybe it's all just a mixture of nostalgia and my separation anxiety because I can't deny the benefits the digitalizing of fashion comes with. I still fear that I'll live to see the day that the printed magazine goes completely out of style but looking at things from a broad perspective, the pros of moving fashion sources online greatly outweighs the cons. At least in terms of the environment and the fact that the fashion industry is becoming more accessible to the public. It does give us "commoners" an opportunity to shape and influence fashion which doesn't always seem to please the magazine editors (*ahem*, Vogue). Look at how I'm interning as a style guru for CollegeFashionista from my bedroom in Denmark. That would not have been possible had it not been for the internet.

Do you still like buying fashion magazines or are you strictly online?

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Summer Essential: COS Bikini

There's beauty in simplicity and I think this lovely bikini I got from COS really amplifies that statement. It's in such a pretty pastel blue colour. However, because it's so light in colour, the suncream stains are very visible so I need to get another one in black. You can get the bikini right here (#notspons). I wore it to the beach today paired with a classic pair of light-denim high waisted shorts from American Apparel and a black sheer shirt from WEEKDAY.

Friday, 26 May 2017


My sincere apologies for being absent this entire week. Due to the events in Manchester on Monday night, I decided to take some days off from blogging. I've been so depressed because of what happened and I'm not even from Manchester nor am I from England. But I am human and it hurts to see something so cruel happen to innocent people. I cannot even begin to describe the amount of pain it causes me to think about those poor children, their families and everyone affected. My thoughts are with you and I truly mean that.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Team Sasha Velour

Sasha Velour, Drag Race fan girl, rupaul's drag race, sasha velour merch, sasha velour t-shirt, drag queen merchandise, fashionable girl, blogger, drag race, danish, denmarkSasha Velour, Drag Race fan girl, rupaul's drag race, sasha velour merch, sasha velour t-shirt, drag queen merchandise, fashionable girl, blogger, drag race, danish, denmark
Sasha Velour, Drag Race fan girl, rupaul's drag race, sasha velour merch, sasha velour t-shirt, drag queen merchandise, fashionable girl, blogger, drag race, danish, denmark
T-shirt: Sasha Velour | Sheer robe: Vintage | Ripped skinny jeans + oxford shoes: Zara