Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Review: Real Techniques Bold Metals Makeup Brushes

The other day I was freaking out about my makeup collection. I usually don't care too much about my makeup, but being as obsessed with drag queens, bio queens and people with FLAWLESS makeup as I am, I couldn't help but to feel the pressure of having the perfect beauty guru makeup collection. Especially since I'm going to DragWorld in about two months and I REALLY want to look the part when I meet all my biggest idols. So I went through my current makeup collection and figured what I needed to improve my makeup collection. First thing on my list: makeup brushes. I decided to go for the real techniques because I'm like a crow who collects metallic and shiny objects.
100 Arched Powder Brush: All three brushes are synthetic and super soft which is crucial to me and my ultra sensitive skin. The powder brush is very flat and not as "thick" as I was expecting. It works just fine for me, though.

300 Tapered Blush Brush: The blush brush is SO cute, but in all honesty, it's nothing out of the ordinary. I purchased it because I needed a blush brush and because I thought it looked nice.

301 Flat Contour Brush: The flat contour brush is my favourite one. I saw it and I was like this is so perfect for an '80s harsh-blush-line look'. 

Have you tried any of the brushes from the Bold Metal collection?

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