Sunday, 9 July 2017

Feminism & Surrealism

Ph: Shae DeTar

New York photographer, Shae DeTar, creates surrealistic art by painting layers over her photography to add exaggerated colour, texture and contrast. DeTar isn't using surrealism the traditional way; her art is surrealistic in a magical and enchanting way. Looking at her photos kinda feels like you're looking at photos from an otherworldly place.

Through her photography, DeTar portrays women in a non-sexualized way by showing us that the  nude female body is just as natural as nature itself. The women in photos are placed somewhere in nature. Either they're casually lying on the ground or facing downwards in the water as if it was part of their function like a flower or a tree. They just blend in. Nothing is unnatural about it.

If you like contemporary art and you love analyzing it, I think you would enjoy Shae DeTar's work.

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