Monday, 31 July 2017

She Looks 22

Drag Queen Merch t-shirt | Alexander Wang bag | H&M skirt

ME! I'm 22 today. Today is my actual birthday and I'm just gonna have a chill evening in with takeout. I had my birthday-get-together last week where my friends and I celebrated my birthday. It kinda sucks having this birthday because it's so weird not being 21 anymore. It's like my body is getting older, but I'm mentally stuck at 16. However, birthdays are great and this one was filled with my favourite things in life: friends, family, drag queens, pizza, chocolate cake and red wine. So I guess you could say that, for me, turning 22 is kind of a catch-22. Get it???

I'm wearing my BibleGirl666 tee. If you don't already know, Bible Girl is a NYC drag queen who has built her empire through social media. She's freaking funny, she's such a social justice warrior and she masters the art of trolling. It was actually through Bible Girl, I found out about the Haus of Piss Bible Girl has such a compelling voice and she uses her platform to encourage her followers to be stronger and helps build their confidence. I've learned a lot from Bible Girl and her empowering words. She actually uses her voice for a good cause which is why I love her so freaking much.

Whenever I'm feeling down or like I need some female empowerment, I know I can always count on Bible Girl.

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