Friday, 6 October 2017

Eternal Slumber Party

Puppyteeth t-shirt | vintage bandana | Zara shoes

Dark humor, mental instability and existential crises are all terms that can be associated with Puppyteeth's art. Jaik Puppyteeth is my all time favourite artist and "comedian" (he's not actually a comedian, he's just funny AF). I find myself scrolling through his Instagram and Twitter page daily, not just for the art, but because he's probably the funniest person I follow on Twitter. He is a blessing to my social media feed AND he is also a drag fan and often collaborates with some of my faves – for example, all three of my babies, BiblegirlRubber Child and Lisa Limbaugh. I'm definitely ordering more stuff from his site ASAP.

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  1. Great post lovely �� xx Imogen


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